Sunday, June 17, 2012

Touchscreen laptop Dell Studio 1747 with 17-inch display

Notebook Dell Studio 1747 is aimed at home use, and indeed, this model would be a good replacement for desktop PC and even TV, as it has in its arsenal, TV-tuner, good sound and is equipped with 17.3-inch screen. But the most important feature is that the screen is touch-sensitive .

Cutting-edge design of this laptop will not name, anyway. Indeed, in general case the old-fashioned look through the line. The top cover of the laptop unwieldy and framed in a light gloss, which, thanks to a special coating does not get dirty and not zalyapyvaetsya prints. By the end part of the upper lid is red band, aptly fits into the overall style. Thus, developers wanted to stress the multi-media oriented, and highlight the model equipped with a touchscreen. Inside the notebook is decorated very tastefully, and combines a keyboard with a black bezel framing the screen and a light silver-work area, which also has a glossy finish and is decorated with textured. On the whole assembly is a good laptop and not satisfactory: it has no scratches or cracks.

The keyboard layout is comfortable, there is a full numeric keypad, separate from other keys and the dial unit, but the keys F1-F12 function while pressing the key Fn, which is not very convenient. In normal mode, these keys perform other functions, including the adjustment of the sound. The touchpad is designed in the same design as the working surface: it is too glossy, but work with it comfortably. In addition, above the keyboard are touch-sensitive buttons that let you adjust volume and control media content. Unusual location for the find two speakers, built on the edges of the working area: the left and right of the touchpad. Dynamics are made ​​in rectangular form and decorated with manufacturer's logo, which is the manufacturer of acoustic Jet Balanc E. The quality system is decent: the power of each of the speakers at 1.5 watts, and emotional sound built-in subwoofer will add 3 W, located on the bottom of the hull.

Number of Ports Dell Studio 1747 laptop confirms identity and here they found the maximum number: Kensington Lock, RJ-45, D-SUB, DisplayPort, HDMI, eSATA (shared with USB), TV-in, ExpressCard/34 slot, and audio connectors, FireWire, card reader, 2 pcs. USB, power and drive. The front and rear faces are vacant.

The screen was of excellent quality. Good and color, and brightness, and viewing angles, but the resolution is not enough for a 17-inch matrix - 1600 × 900 pixels. It should be noted that the screen is touch-sensitive, so you can control the laptop, using your mouse and finger control.

As for toppings, the laptop Dell Studio 1747 is equipped with a powerful quad-core Intel Core i7-820QM , a set which has 4 gigabytes of RAM. Upsets the order of the video card. It is installed ATI Mobility Radeon HD 560V , which is obsolete, but with computer games manage. A respectable amount of hard drive - 500 GB. To work with optical drives DVD-ROM drive is provided, and for Internet access all the good things - "Gigabit Ethernet» Ethernet module and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g. In addition, for fast data transfer is Bluetooth + EDR 2/1 . In fact, the configuration of the laptop is average, stands out faster processor, but due to outdated graphics card overall impression is lost.

So, Dell Studio 1747 would have made ​​a very good, if manufacturers have paid due attention to the configuration. Here, a strange mix of modern processors and video cards obsolete, which spoils all the results. But it turned out easy to use touch screen and pleased solid number of ports and connectors.

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