Sunday, June 17, 2012

Real Notebook - notebook-like book

As you know, the word "laptop" comes from the English «notebook», which means "notepad", "notepad". Here are today's laptops are quite similar to notebooks.

Remedy this situation the designer Kim Min Sok from South Korea, who created the concept of a laptop-notebook called the Real Notebook. This gadget can act as a laptop computer and an e-book, and here the word "book" mentioned in the literal sense of the terminology.

The fact is that Real Notebook made by technologies that provide a flexible screen. Moreover, these screens in an unusual number of laptop. That is, it can pick up and turn pages in a book.

At this devayse very convenient to read electronic books. After all, most of us are very chitalok lack the ability to turn the pages, but here it's there!

In addition, Real Notebook laptop screen at various turns can keep open different programs. In other words, in order to switch between windows and applications, it is enough to turn the screen.

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