Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monitor ViewSonic VX2253MH-LED - can be delivered as a book

ViewSonic series VX2253MH-LED - a new monitor, which can be delivered as a book.

In stores received new multimedia LCD monitor, the new model ViewSonic VX2253MH-LED. In the manufacture of new products used in modern ecological technologies that can save about forty percent of its electricity. Display characteristics are great - the screen resolution to 1920 by 1980, 2 ms response time and dynamic contrast ratio corresponds to the 30 million to 1. This all provides excellent image quality.

ViewSonic's series VX2253MH-LED has a 21.5 widescreen liquid crystal matrix LED-backlit, the screen resolution FullHD 1920 to 1080, is also fairly high-contrast ratio. Multimedia LCD Monitor ViewSonic VX2253MH-LED Series provides the ideal clearly reproduce color gamut, better color transition from one to another. There is a color contrast, which operates automatically, it adjusts the brightness of the monitor and under the conditions in the environment, and it delivers optimal light output, plus it saves energy.

Provides the ability to optimal, universal exploit the model, both for entertainment and for work. The monitor can be connected to signal sources of high enough quality, it is possible thanks to two HDMI-inputs. Monitor this series has excellent built-in speakers with SRS Premium Sound.

Provided the ECO mode, which reduces energy consumption and increase the time of backlight. During prolonged stay in front of a computer monitor, you can use the brightness option to provide the most comfortable environment for the eye.

Perhaps the correct, clear display different images, both standard 4:3 and 16:9 standard, by automatically adjusting the aspect ratio.

The monitor can be mounted on the ordinary, standard stand, and it is possible to use an innovative, stand, stand by the type of book («book stand»), when the monitor is at the lower edge and rests on a cradle attached. This method of display settings can help to save space, simplify the design, or simply make the workplace an extraordinary stylish look.

New Model Multimedia LCD Monitor ViewSonic series VX2253MH-LED universal in use.

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