Sunday, June 17, 2012

Samsung i5800 Galaxy 580

That is, if you think about why there is a phone? Of course, first and foremost for communication - you say. That's just assumed if Alexander Graham Bell, that his offspring will change beyond recognition and reach such heights? Ask any man what he first drew attention when buying a mobile phone? Of course, this is not the features that were laid out by developers as early as the 80s of last century. I always wondered why people instead of the usual cheap device, which, in fact, should only make calls, get "all in one."

Here, for example, you want to buy a fridge - unless you rely on the presence of a, say, television? No, of course, you get two separate residential unit. Fortunately, to buy LG TV is no problem in our time.

After working for four years, my machine unpleasantly surprised me when one day is simply not involved. It was a shame, because among all the friends I have it was the most tenacious of life than I am and proud of it. Well, it's just his time, it is time to go to the store equipment and part with their money. And here I began to difficulties.

From the producer I was determined - it will definitely Samsung. And then? Next, to be honest, I simply chose the design. Of course, this is the height of irresponsibility and I perfectly understood, however, women's intuition did not fail me. Samsung i5800 galaxy 580 - is the perfect machine for their parameters for the money. The only pity is that it is only in one color design - in black.

For me, as for girls, size of the phone quite come - 113,5 x55x12, 9 mm and a weight of 109 grams. Of course, first of all we should mention the start "stuffing" of the smartphone - it runs on the Android operating system version 2.1, you can upgrade to version 2.2, equipped with 667MHz processor and interface Touch Wiz 3.0. Display characteristics suit me - at 3.2 "TFT 240 by 400 pixels, 16 million colors. At this very easy to read and watch the video, phone does not support this video format, even as DivX (which sometimes I want, when you go home in a minibus). The camera parameters of 3.15 megapixel, 2048 × 153 points is not impressive, though, I like it in the phone, to be honest and do not need it. I - a music lover, so the ability to support memory cards up to 32 Gb I was very pleased. And if I want to listen to a favorite track, and its play-list, I will not be, with the help of Wi-Fi interface, I can easily download a particular song.

I am one of those people leading an active lifestyle, so Samsung Galaxy 580 perfect for me in terms of information - anywhere, anytime I5800 will allow me to interact in many social networks, it is possible to exchange instant messages and check the calendar , which consolidated data about your future meetings, plans and events. Galaxy 580 supports many mobile services from Google: Google Maps, Gmail, Youtube and Android Market.
There is a very useful feature of Social Hub, through which all your email contacts and social networks are united in one common phone book. No podaryadki Galaxy 580 runs for a long time.

I like a man who is difficult to navigate the new terrain, it is the way it turned out the presence of augmented reality browser Layar, which helps to orient yourself in seconds. The model is equipped with an interface TouchWiz 3.0, has the function of multi-tasking, allowing you to simultaneously work with multiple applications.

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