Monday, June 18, 2012

Apple Iphone 4 4G Dual Sim Adapter:

 The Apple Iphone 4 4G Dual Twin Sim Card Adapter - No Cutting Required is Exclusively on Mobileguru. The Dual Twin Sim is fully compatible with iPhone 4G, NO POWER OFF NEEDED to switch phone numbers. It host two SIM chips inside a mobile phone, and offers easy and convenience menu to operate the function ISP which provide.

 It is a ideal choice for people who has more than 1 SIMs, and just want to carry 1 mobile phone. Hold 2 SIM cards in 1 mobile. No power switch is needed. It can switch on-line without turning on-off. No data lose when switching 2 numbers.

Apple Iphone 4 4G Dual Twin Sim Card Adapter

* Select the SIM cards only by the mobile phone STK menu, no need to turn off the mobile phone.
* Max 90 minutes available to set auto-switching record.
* Display your SIM1 or SIM2 card phone numbers on screen (ID number editable)
* Compatible with iPhone 4G.
* Economical & convenient, enjoy the freedom of two mobile numbers in one handset!
* Save time by easily alternating between local numbers of 2 different cities/networks, allow you to call out by one number and answer freely by another number.
* Separate business calls from private calls, offer you more space, freedom & privacy.


* This device fully support all GSM models V1, V2 or 3,

For this matter, please contact your cell phone service provider for further information.
Package Content.

•1 x Apple Iphone 4 4G Dual Twin Sim Card Adapter - No Cutting Required.

BlackBerry Torch 2 , Runs With BlackBerry 7 OS

 The original BlackBerry Torch was produced as an attempt by RIM to bring a device to market that it thought could compete with the Apple iPhone and Android models. And while the form factor was something different for RIM, it combined an area that the Canadian based company does well (physical QWERTY keyboards) with another area where the company has fallen way behind other manufacturers (touchscreen phones). While the original Torch might have worked, the specs were just not up to snuff.

 Looking at the BlackBerry Torch 2, it would seem that RIM listened to the complaints from owners of the original model. Mainly, the specs have been bumped up rather sharply in many cases. 

The 1.2GHz processor is a big jump from the 624MHz aboard the original unit. One area where critics had a field day was with the original Torch's 360 x 480 resolution on its display. That has been raised to 480 x 640, not qHD or Retina Display material, but enough to produce a sharp, vivid image for users. RAM is increased to 768MB while internal storage is doubled to 8GB with up to 32GB more available via a microSD card. While the camera is the same 5MP as seen on the first-gen model, video can now be captured at HD 720p. The browser still defaults to WAP sites, but will now play HTML5 formatted videos. The BlackBerry Torch 2 has the new 7 OS under the hood.

 RIM has yet to introduce the BlackBerry Torch 2 which means right now, it is a figment of our imagination. Speculation centers around a September release for AT&T, and this appears to be a case where the sequel is a major improvement over the original.