Sunday, June 17, 2012

The ideal camera for self portraits

Usually photographer takes all but themselves. Therefore, the owner of the camera shots usually do not have with his participation.

Tried to solve this problem the designer Or Leviteh, which has created an amazing device - MMI screen-less camera. This mini-camera has its own screen, but he did not need it, because control MMI screen-less camera should be using the iPhone. Installing on your smartphone a special application, you can remotely control the camera, view the footage and remove bad photos.

And set the little square chamber can be anywhere. After all, she has a whole set for his confirmation. This Velcro and magnets, and hooks, and a tripod. MMI screen-less camera is easily mounted on a concrete or metal pole, a tree or glass display cases, on a fence or a strap handbag, pocket or on a car door. Synchronizing with the iPhone, the camera will follow all his instructions: adjust white balance, exposure and focus, apply modes and filters. In addition, a mini-camera can shoot video. In general, the gadget, which is to dream, as we like to dream about the iPhone 5 , which may not have to take the popularity or attention gadget lovers.

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