Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nokia X2 summer in trendy colors

Nokia has already released all the familiar mobile phone Nokia X2 in new bright colors: bright orange and purple stylish. This model favored young people, so the new trendy colors will be very helpful. The rest - it's the same Nokia X2. Of course, the main advantage of this system - low cost, but it is successfully combined with decent performance and functionality.
New bright colors Nokia X2 (violet and orange)
In bright trendy housing Nokia X2 looks stylish and modern. The model is made of quality materials and has a curved shape, so the phone is conveniently fits in your hand, as well as pleasing to the touch. On the sides settled the player control buttons, camera launch button and volume control.
Nokia X2 is equipped with a 2.2-inch screen that clearly displays the picture. And on the back of the is a 5-megapixel camera that can zoom in remote sites with 4x digital zoom, and shoot video clips at 20 frames per second. The quality of the photographs can be considered quite decent.
Two loud speaker have a good sound, so that through them you can listen to music, and 3.5 mm jack lets you plug in your headphones through which you can listen to music in public places. On board the Nokia X2 has a built memory of 48 Mbytes, and for the rapid exchange of music and videos with friends provides Bluetooth-module. Expand your music collection is to use the card format Micro SD. And of the additional features include FM-radio, flashlight, alarm clock.
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