Monday, June 18, 2012

Apple Iphone 4 4G Dual Sim Adapter:

 The Apple Iphone 4 4G Dual Twin Sim Card Adapter - No Cutting Required is Exclusively on Mobileguru. The Dual Twin Sim is fully compatible with iPhone 4G, NO POWER OFF NEEDED to switch phone numbers. It host two SIM chips inside a mobile phone, and offers easy and convenience menu to operate the function ISP which provide.

 It is a ideal choice for people who has more than 1 SIMs, and just want to carry 1 mobile phone. Hold 2 SIM cards in 1 mobile. No power switch is needed. It can switch on-line without turning on-off. No data lose when switching 2 numbers.

Apple Iphone 4 4G Dual Twin Sim Card Adapter

* Select the SIM cards only by the mobile phone STK menu, no need to turn off the mobile phone.
* Max 90 minutes available to set auto-switching record.
* Display your SIM1 or SIM2 card phone numbers on screen (ID number editable)
* Compatible with iPhone 4G.
* Economical & convenient, enjoy the freedom of two mobile numbers in one handset!
* Save time by easily alternating between local numbers of 2 different cities/networks, allow you to call out by one number and answer freely by another number.
* Separate business calls from private calls, offer you more space, freedom & privacy.


* This device fully support all GSM models V1, V2 or 3,

For this matter, please contact your cell phone service provider for further information.
Package Content.

•1 x Apple Iphone 4 4G Dual Twin Sim Card Adapter - No Cutting Required.

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